We provides you with an editable excel sheet that contains quantities by square footage, per unit cost, waste cost, labor cost, material cost, complete bid price and your profit. If you want to change anything like per unit cost according to your area or your experience or your vendor all you need to change per unit cost all formulas are set in the sheet it changes the bid price your profit margin automatically. We work on project like residential, commercial,union-labor and non-union labor.


Our core service is an excel document providing a full materials take-off based on your scope of work. Whether you are a single-trade contractor needing a single line item or a large apartment builder looking for an entire project, we can meet your needs. Our excel deliverable was made in-house and provides the highest level of detail for a takeoff. It allows GC's to assign costs to subcontractors, materials costs to vendors, phase out the project, and is detailed down to the fasteners.
When we began our journey, all estimating was done by measuring physical blueprints, checking the scale and highlighting all necessary items. When technology caught up with estimating, we were able to download plans on to our computer screens and input information on excel spreadsheets for complete accuracy and ease for our clients.
Over the years our business model has grown to include Architects, Engineers, Developers, General Contractors, Lawyers, Owners. We have continued to grow our sub-contractor base, the core that fuels the estimating process by allowing us to bid projects with actual sub-contractor numbers.

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